About Me

Current Coding Job

I work for one of Australia's largest mining companies. I got my coding job through an internal job posting and a lot of luck.

Working in wireless communications (shift-work) I had time at 3am to do some coding if I was able to focus.

After meeting some of the software developers, I focused my personal development on moving into a coding role.

July 2022 is when I started my first coding job. I have been working with super-experienced devs with up to 20 years experience in the industry.

The first 6 months were brutal. It was the most mentally draining job I have ever had.

The tech stack was Angular frontend, C# ASP.NET backend and Postgres Database.

What I spent time on


  • Angular 13 & 14
  • Passing data between components
  • NgRx Global Store
  • Services
  • Oh my god, Observables!
  • Angular University
  • Jest Unit Tests


  • ASP.NET 6 & .NET 7
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Data Manipulation Manipulation
  • Hangfire Scheduled Tasks
  • Batching Database Queries
  • Creating API Endpoints
  • XUnit Tests


  • ES6
  • Arrays, soo many arrays.
  • Sometimes Sets, not arrays.
  • Passing by reference bit me
  • Map and ForEach infinitely
  • 'string' + 'concatenation'
  • Design Prototypes


  • AWS Cloudwatch Logging
  • Terraforms for AWS
  • Azure Pipelines
  • GitLab Repos
  • MS Power BI


  • Light scripting
  • Converting document formats
  • Ripping data from documents

Dev Extreme

  • devexpress.com UI Components
  • Data Grids
  • Dropdown Menus
  • Custom changes to components

Before Coding

Network engineering. Lots of network engineering.

I started as a Network engineer working for some Perth radio stations.

Specialising in Cisco equipment, I have the CCNP certification.

Ended up working as a Comms tech at a couple of small mine sites. WA and QLD.

Joined a bigger mining company as a site tech - mostly doing network programming, fibre optics and general IT.

Moved into a city job in a Wireless Communications role for autonomous mine trucks.


I have 2 degrees from UK universities

  • BSc Telecommunications Engineering
  • BSc Psychology

My professional certifications

  • Cisco CCNP
  • Microsoft MCSA Server 2019
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate

And then I had the required lobotomy to become an Australian citizen.


Coding. I do an hour every night.

Computer games. I'm a natural.

Learning guitar. I'm awful.

I have a home gym. I'm not buff.

I have a home pool table. I'm average.

Karate & Kung-Fu. 10 years ago.

Social Media