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My First Post

Andy Davis

May 30, 2023

First Blog Post

I guess I should start with what I want this blog to be about.

My aim is to have a section where I can keep notes on coding tricks I have picked up, and record important conversations I have had with the senior coders I work with. Sort of a learning reinforcement process for myself.

Python was my first coding language that I really went in-depth with. I had done a bit of C and Java before but when I was using them I was not aiming on becoming a software developer. It was more of an addition to my telecommunications training and university studies. So I would also like to use the blog as an excuse to write a few more python scripts.

When students learn software development at university they are taught the theories and coding patterns first, before they do much actual coding. When students go down the self-learning path, they do the reverse – get stuck in, learn the coding first then realise later on they need to know the theories and patterns. I am self-taught and I also followed this route, so it would be good to write a few blog posts on coding patterns that I need to learn.